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Get the best shot: 4-H photography series

4-H provides project books on a variety of topics for clubs to use. EP&P developed these fun and informative books on photography, and they’ve been in print now for over 10 years!

4-H wanted us to create some books about photography, lessons for a wide age range. We thought, “We don’t know anything about photography! It would be fun to learn!” So we started reading, talking to people who knew about photography, trying various things—using our own cameras, testing out ideas. What would a 3rd grader want to know about photography? A 6th grader? An 8th grader?

We had conversations about what to include: darkrooms? Film? Is that all in the past? Should we assume everyone is using digital now? And what is the practical application of this knowledge? Specific parameters were part of every lesson. We created experiential lesson models, because we wanted them to learn by doing.

So we started writing. We made an outline of 20 ideas, then winnowed it to 10. We tested it out with kids by grabbing some—our own and their friends— and giving them cameras. Can kids follow the instructions? What end result interests them? We tested out some ‘trick shots’, just experimenting and having fun.

Even now when I take photos I think of what I learned: the rule of thirds, spiral composition, having a focal point. These ended up being some of our best-selling books. The quality spoke for itself. They’re part of a group of project books we did, including materials on first aid and staying healthy. All of them are available for sale on the 4-H website.

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