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A Classroom Eggsperience: ChickQuest

A revamped embryology curriculum turned into a creative classroom project. Trained teachers receive materials to incubate fertilized eggs and hatch baby chicks as students learn lab skills and processes.

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? EP&P wasn’t sure either when they were tasked by 4H to redesign an ancient embryology curriculum. Their challenge: make embryology fun and enriching for third graders in Ohio.

We strapped on our boots and started at the source, visiting local poultry facilities to discover the most up-to-date practices, techniques, and standards in the business. After consulting with their long-time partners in the soybean industry who feed the chickens, EP&P was well on their way to becoming chickmasters themselves. EP&P then engineered a curriculum that would last three weeks, just enough time to incubate and hatch chicks in the classroom. The finished curriculum included a student lab book filled with 18 activities that EP&P cooked up. The activities focused on experiments with egg shells in the kitchen using newly designed data collection charts, cooking up eggshell chalk, floating, spinning, measuring, and even breaking them open. After incubating their ideas, Chickquest was finally born!

The curriculum egg-ceeded the egg-spectations of the 4H teachers being trained to use it. Akron City Schools third graders were some of our early adopters. All 1700 kids hatch eggs in their classrooms every year. Last year alone, EP&P trained 200 Ohio teachers to use the curriculum and each one got a free incubator, fertile eggs, a classroom supply of lab books and a teacher guide—all paid for by the United Soybean Board and the Ohio Soybean Council. Turns out that EP&P’s work is everything it’s cracked up to be!

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