The EP&P process

We inspire learning! The process starts with our strategy and design team working with the customer to clarify needs, expectations and outcomes. Our content experts join and the process begins to take hold and develop. We provide opportunities for our clients and all the stakeholders (teachers, students, industry) to weigh in along the design continuum. We have rapid testing of various elements and then iterate, iterate, iterate—until everyone is inspired!

We are best known for producing popular workshops that equip teachers with turn-key curriculum and resources that will engage and motivate students. Teachers get motivated, too, as we connect them with industry partners and focus them on key issues within the industry.

The process we use applies not only to our workshops, but also to other deliverables like e-learning modules, career videos, service learning projects, and career and professional training.

Strategy, design and implement

We partner with you to solve learning challenges. Our process starts with understanding the problem/challenge you are trying to solve. We have experts on the team who have developed programing for school districts, industry leaders, commodity groups, large non-profit organizations, and federal and state agencies.

We develop learning solutions together. We examine the market place and survey all stakeholders—students, teachers, industry leaders. Then we engage in the creative process to tell the story in a way that is compelling for the learner.

Our lead developer provides project management and connects the client with our trained educational evaluator, lead teacher and content experts as well as suggestions for corporate and industry partnerships.

We socialize the learning solutions quickly. The team develops quick storyboards of solution options and tests them against the various stakeholders getting timely, authentic feedback.

We implement demonstration pilots and iterate, iterate, iterate. Using best practices and working with master teachers, we test the solution—whether it’s an education portal, e-learning module, career video, professional development workshop or teacher curriculum. Teachers and students are the guide to improvement and they are the storytellers, learners, and ultimate users of the developed product.

Designing never ends. Evaluation is a vital part of our work. Setting outcomes and tracking results are critical for our clients and for our team to measure learning and impact. EP&P has a full-time educational evaluator who provides ongoing reporting for the EP&P process team and also for our clients and broader stakeholders.

How can we provide learning solutions for your team?

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